Forest Service 94′ Suburban


Shortly after I was forced to part ways with my beloved Jeep Cherokee (Ditch RIP) I was scouring the market for my next 4×4 vehicle. After searching craigslist with no joy I turned to Facebook Marketplace for my search. It turns out that Facebook Marketplace is the PLACE to find some cheap hidden gems for sale all over the state of NC. From household items to all types of vehicles, FB marketplace rules. Always being a huge fan of square body chevy suburbans, searching for suburbans was a daily routine for me. I stumbled across a very uniquely green, tastefully kitted overland suburban equipped with a snorkel, 270 degree awning and sleep platform in the back. The price was right so I drove from Boone, NC down to Hickory, NC (only about an hour) to check her out. I immediately fell in love with the big green beast; all of her quirks and small cosmetic issues included. Before I knew it I was bumbling home grinning ear to ear in my absolute UNIT of a 1994 Suburban 2500. With seatbelts for nine passengers she quickly became the ultimate party wagon and tailgate vehicle for football season at Appalachian State. Since I bought it in the winter, I have not been able to do much of my own modification but stay tuned, summer is just around the corner. 😉

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